Seminole Nation Business & Corporate Regulatory Commission

Mission Statement

The mission of the BCR Commission is to serve the people of the Great Seminole Nation of Oklahoma with Tribal Fee compliance, quality service, fair administration, and assisting the tribal government in meeting essential governmental expenses.

Program Description

The Seminole Nation Business & Corporate Regulatory Commission is a tribal agency established under Title 3-A of the Seminole Nation Code of Laws to license, regulate business activities and is empowered to enforce tribal Fee laws. In addition to any other powers and authorities of the Commission found under the Code of Laws of the Seminole Nation. The Commission is further empowered to engage in formulating, promulgating and amending appropriate rules and regulations, conducting appellate hearings, provide uniform methods of adding fees to the selling price and perform any other powers necessary to enforce the code of Laws.

Program Objectives

The Commission was enacted to strengthen the Nation´s government and to provide financing for the essential functions, operations, and expenditures of the Nation´s government by regulating activities within its jurisdiction and providing fair procedures for imposing fees including the enforcement thereof and collection of all fees necessary to carry out these purposes.

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Contacting the BCR Commission

Physical Address:
BCR Commission Building
Mekusukey Mission
2 miles south of Seminole, OK
2 miles west of HWY Junct (377 And 99) & 59

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1768
Seminole, OK 74818

Contact Numbers:
Phone: (405) 382-8617, or (405) 382-8620
Fax: (405) 382-8611