Original Mekusukey Mission Academy

Historic Mekvsukey Academy for Boys

Mekvsukey academy was built in 1891 for the education of Seminole boys at a cost of approximately $ 65,000.00. The academy was an impressive structure, the showpiece of the Seminole Nation. It was four stories tall and, unlike most public buildings, had electricity, steam heat and indoor plumbing with water piped in from a nearby spring. It was a state of the art building of its time.

The school had a staff of twenty, and although it could accommodate up to one hundred students, enrollment was usually kept between eighty to ninety pupils. It was almost entirely self-sufficient. Students raised livestock, vegetables and dairy products. Since it was a boarding school, all of the students and employees lived on campus. Students were not allowed to speak their native language during the nine-month school term. The academy was closed in 1930, forced integration required the students to attend newly established public schools. The building was mysteriously and completely destroyed by fire in 1935.

The Seminole Nation Business & Corporate Regulatory Commission was established in 1988 and set up office in the last original building structure of the old academy. This building served as the former steam room.

The Mekvsukey Mission site location was added to the National Register of Historical Sites in March 1974.

Contacting the BCR Commission

Physical Address:
BCR Commission Building
Mekusukey Mission
2 miles south of Seminole, OK
2 miles west of HWY Junct (377 And 99) & 59

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1768
Seminole, OK 74818

Contact Numbers:
Phone: (405) 382-8617, or (405) 382-8620
Fax: (405) 382-8611