Tag Designs

The Seminole Nation Veteran Tag emblem was designed with the assistance of the Seminole Nation Honor Color Guard.

The circular shape symbolizes the Life Cycle with The Four Directions and the Four Seasons divided and embedded within the circle. The colors Red, Yellow, Black and White symbolize the Four Colors of humanity.

The image in the center of the emblem portrays a Seminole Warrior as he may have looked during the Seminole Wars in Florida with his turban and plumb and Red Feathers for a Warrior.

The Seminole Nation Vehicle tag was designed to exhibit cultural traits from its Southeastern origin.

This design symbolizes a sacred circle recognizing The Four Directions including the Four Seasons divided and embedded within the circle and inlayed as the shell of the Turtle. The Turtle has a significant part in the culture and characterizes the inner strength of the Nation.

The colors Red, Yellow, Black and White recognize the Four Colors of Humanity. The Ball Sticks represent the traditional game played annually and referred to as the Little Brother of War. The White Feathers are the symbol for Peace.

Contacting the BCR Commission

Physical Address:
BCR Commission Building
Mekusukey Mission
2 miles south of Seminole, OK
2 miles west of HWY Junct (377 And 99) & 59

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1768
Seminole, OK 74818

Contact Numbers:
Phone: (405) 382-8617, or (405) 382-8620
Fax: (405) 382-8611