Tribal Fees

Annual collections currently exceed two million dollars a year. The BCRC is responsible for the maintenance of all fiscal affairs and the daily administration of the office. Routinely fee revenue is deposited daily, monthly and quarterly into interest bearing accounts in a federally deposited insured corporation bank. Revenues are secured at a local bank until appropriations are approved by resolution of the General Council for tribal programs and essential governmental expenses.

  1. Tobacco
    1. In 1988 Tobacco fees became the first source of fee revenue.
    2. The BCR Commission became self-sufficient during the first year of operation.
    3. The Seminole Nation was the first Indian tribe to enter into an inter-governmental agreement with the state of Oklahoma in June of 1992.

  2. Motor Vehicle
    1. The General Council finds that it is in the best interest of the Seminole Nation to strengthen tribal sovereignty and be protected from encroachment and imposition of state jurisdiction in Seminole Indian Country by enacting laws and promulgating rules and regulations governing the registration of motor vehicles within the jurisdiction of the Seminole Nation.

  3. Motor Fuel
    1. The Seminole Nation entered into a revenue sharing contract with the State of Oklahoma according to HB 2208 to receive quarterly rebates for the purchase of motor fuel.
    2. Revenues are to be appropriated for Health, Education, Law enforcement, Roads and bridges.

  4. Sales Fee
    1. Sales of property made by all tribally-owned businesses, including the convenience stores, restaurants, hotels or motels, and concessions, and all non-tribally owned businesses which either own or possess a license or certification issued by the nation to do business in the Nation, to consumers, a fee of five percent (5%) of the actual sales price thereof, exclusive of any rebates. If a sale is consummated by trades, barter or exchange for anything other than money, the fee shall be computed at the fair market value of the property sold.
    2. Forty percent (40%) of fees collected are earmarked for matching funds on grant developments and or construction of a "Tribal Governmental Facility".
    3. Sixty percent (60%) to be used for general governmental purposes.

  5. Gaming Vendor Fee
    1. The Seminole Nation Gaming Vendor/Gaming Operator Tribal Fee Code was adopted and approved by the General Council on March 6, 2004 by Ordinance No. 2004-15.
    2. The purpose of the Gaming Code is to promote public health, education and such other services that may contribute to the social and economic advancement of the members of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma.
    3. 30% of fees collected from gaming is earmarked for the development, construction and operation of a "Tribal Governmental Facility".
    4. 70% of fees collected is reserved for general governmental purposes, functions, programs or services for tribal members.

Contacting the BCR Commission

Physical Address:
BCR Commission Building
Mekusukey Mission
2 miles south of Seminole, OK
2 miles west of HWY Junct (377 And 99) & 59

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1768
Seminole, OK 74818

Contact Numbers:
Phone: (405) 382-8617, or (405) 382-8620
Fax: (405) 382-8611